About Us

Elite Land Title provides the highest quality of residential and commercial title and settlement services in Ohio.

With our convenient location in Central Ohio, our staff can provide the expert service you expect and deserve. Our ability to close your transaction at our office, your home, or your office delivers the convenience you demand.

Our Staff

Shannon Corwin

614-568-0033 scorwin@elite-landtitle.com

Robert Corwin
Vice President

614-568-0033 rcorwin@elite-landtitle.com

Lisa Duco
Office Manager / Licensed Agent

614-568-0033 lisa@elite-landtitle.com

Erica Travis
Licensed Agent

614-568-0033 erica@elite-landtitle.com

Tara Doughty
Title Department Manager

614-568-0033 tara@elite-landtitle.com

Sara Callaghan
Title Processing

614-568-0033 scallaghan@elite-landtitle.com

Sarah Story
Title Processsing

614-568-0033 sarah@elite-landtitle.com

Jeremy Williams
Final TItle Policies

614-568-0033 jwilliams@elite-landtitle.com

Robbyn Ireland
Closing Department

614-568-0033 rireland@elite-landtitle.com

Stephanie O'Brien
Sales & Marketing

614-568-0033 stephanie@elite-landtitle.com

Katie Cooper
Social Media

614-568-0033 katie@elite-landtitle.com

Our Offices

Elite Land Title

75 Lincoln Street
Powell, Ohio